Treadmill Pace = Outdoor Pace?

Today I decided to use the treadmill for the first time in about six months. It was just way too hot out this morning. I did a hard six miles and for some reason it felt harder than my outdoor runs. This probably has to do with the mental was very boring! But, as I was running, I started wondering if the pace I was doing on the treadmill would be the same if I were running outside. I figured it wouldn't be, considering no wind resistance, etc. on the treadmill. So after doing some research, I found a handy pace conversion chart. I was running at 7.5 speed on the treadmill at a 0% incline (an 8 min. mile on the treadmill), so outdoors it would be the equivalent of an 8:20 mile. Check out the site...

Playing in the Mud

 Over the weekend, I completed my first "mud run". It was organized by the National MS Society to raise money for MS. I have to admit I was a bit nervous beforehand. It was a 10k through woods and fields, with over 30 military obstacles. Picture sliding down muddy slopes into pits of muddy water, climbing over log walls, or rope swinging across more pits of muddy water. After climbing out of the first muddy obstacle, I was completely covered in thick mud and the first thought in my head was, "This is so much fun!". From that moment, until the finish line, I had a blast. It helped that I had a teammate running with me as well. We pushed each other on and definitely kicked butt throughout. I think that this was a wonderful mental break from regular running. Training can get so boring. This race wasn't about times or was purely about fun. I will definitely use this type of event periodically to give myself a "break". I suggest it to other runners out there as well. To learn more, go to

Runners' Strength Training Workout

This workout consists of 7 different exercises designed to target key muscles for runners, including the quads, glutes, calves, hip flexors, and core muscles. Do the first 4 exercises for 30 seconds, the planks for 1 minute, and then 20 push-ups (You can do less or more, depending on level of fitness). I recommend doing 3 sets, 2-3 times per week (on non-consecutive days). It's probably best to save this workout for your non-run days. If you're a beginner you may want to take a 30 second break between each exercise, but the goal is to go from one exercise to the next without stopping until you've done them all. Then, take a 1 minute break and do the circuit again. Strength training is essential for runners. Do this workout to feel stronger, run faster, and have less injuries.

Strength Training Circuit
-Alternating Front Lunge - 30 sec.
-Calf Raises - 30 sec.
-Body Weight Squat - 30 sec.
-Alternating Side Lunge - 30 sec.
-Front Plank - 60 sec.
-Side Plank (each side) - 60 sec.
-Push-Ups -20 rep.