Pics of "Rave Runs"

Mountains in Colorado, courtesy of Deb Henry
If you read Runner's World Magazine, you know that each month there is a featured "rave run". It's the first thing I flip to when I get my issue in the mail. The "rave run" is a picture of a runner in some breathtaking place with the location and photographer listed in the caption. I'm going to be posting my own rave runs and I hope you will email me yours to post as well. I would love to see all the beautiful places we runners get to enjoy. Email pictures to Please include the location of your run.


Below are some great pics emailed to me from a dear friend :

The lakeshore of Chicago


Mountains in Colorado...breathtaking!!!

Below are pictures from my runs on Assateague Island, just outside of Ocean City, Maryland. I actually got to see some wild ponies this time!!!

This guy was walking right in front of me while I was running!