Winter Shoe Guide

Check out this shoe guide from Runner's World Magazine. Remember, January is a great time to buy running shoes because when the new models come out, last year's model will be discounted. That's a nice break, especially after Christmas.,7120,s6-240-400--14112-0,00.html

15 Minute Holiday Workout

The holidays are fast approaching and this is normally the time most people slack off in the exercise department, due to the hectic schedules of the next couple months. It's the same thing every year..."Starting January 1st, I'll get exercising and lose 10lbs!" How many of you belong to a gym and have noticed how busy it is after the new year? Why are so many people in society such procrastinators? Today is November 15th and the time to start is NOW. Can't make it to the gym? Don't have the time? So what? I'm sure everyone has a good excuse. Do you have fifteen minutes? I know you do. Below is a fifteen minute interval workout that you can do in the comfort of your living room. You don't need any equipment, just your own body weight. This is something that can be done while you're waiting for the cookies to cool, or in between decorating the house for Christmas. Please note that this workout is only 15 minutes, therefore, you need to bring the intensity with each exercise. Just give it your max effort.

There are Five exercises below that should be done for 50 seconds each, with a 10 second rest in between exercises. Do 3 sets of these exercises.

1. Squat Jump - Stand with feet a little closer than hip-width apart. Hinge the hips back and squat down with the arms straight down, so that the fingertips just touch the floor. Make sure the knees do not go over the foot. From this squatted position, jump up as high as you can, reaching the arms into the air. Continue this squat/jump movement continuously for 50 seconds.

2. Push-Ups w/ Leg Raise - Get into a push-up position on hands and feet. Lower the chest to the floor and as you do so, raise the right leg, squeezing the glutes and keeping the core tight. Hold for 1 sec, return to starting position and repeat with the other leg. As you do these push-ups, keep the body in a straight line. (These can also be modified and done on the knees. As you lower down, just lift the bent leg.)

3. High Knee Run - Jog in place, bringing the knees up to the chest, instead of a regular run. Pump the arms as you would if you were running outside. Focus on the lower abs to bring those knees up.

4. Side Plank Leg Raise - Get into a side plank position on one forearm and legs stacked. Lift the top leg for a count of 10. Take is slow and really focus on keeping the core tight and strong. Then repeat on the other leg. (This can also be modified. Instead of stacking both legs, you can bend the bottom knee and rest it on the floor. Then straighten the top leg for the leg lifts.)

5. Mountain Climbers - (You may remember these from gym class!) Get into a regular push-up position. From this position, drive the knees up to the chest, alternating each leg, as if you were running. Push a quick pace, keep the head up, and remember to breathe!

That's it! Go through all the exercises once, then repeat two more times, and your workout is done! This will rev up your metabolism, build strength and stamina, and leave you feeling energized. Best of all, it's only 15 minutes, so you can fit it into a hectic schedule.

Written by: Genie Bianchi, RRCA Coach

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Pics from Marine Corps Marathon

Feeling good after 26.2 miles!!
Very cool medal!
On Sunday, I completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. and raised over $1,000 for cancer research! My chip time was 4:15:53 and I was very happy with that, considering I wasn't able to train like I wanted to, due to injuries. The race itself was fun, the location great, and the day was absolutely perfect for running. My only complaint about the race would be that it was too crowded. It never really seemed to thin out at all and even at the finish line, I was weaving around tons of people. All in all, it was a great experience. And, oh yea, the finish was uphill! (It's all good, though...any kind of a challenge is fun to me  I even got to meet Drew Carey at the expo! (First celebrity I've ever Now, I'm recovering and will focus on some strength training for the next few weeks.