The Mental & Emotional Benefits of Running for Women

Exercise, especially endurance-oriented activity, can elevate moods in both men and women. But the benefits of running for women seem to surpass any endorphin buzz. Running creates healthy, strong, confident, independent, and courageous women.

Running is a great stress reliever and fitness booster. It improves energy levels and increases feelings of well being as well as a better body image. Through running, a woman learns to appreciate her strengths and abilities. This is done with setting goals and accomplishing what she thought was never possible. A woman learns just how much courage she has. A female runner is less depressed, less anxious, has more energy and greater self-esteem than her sedentary counterparts. She is stronger physically and mentally. Running gives her a sense of accomplishment. When she finishes a run, it was her and her alone that did it.

Running gives her strong feelings as to who she is. It separates her from other roles as wife, mom, etc. It gives her courage to make changes in the rest of her life. She can use running as meditation, as a time to think and solve problems. It gives her empowerment to handle the problems life throws at her because she is strong and has a determination that running has taught her.

Running can fill voids in a woman’s life. She can be assertive and do it at her own pace. She can enjoy everything that comes out of running and doesn’t have to rely on someone else or a man to give it to her.

Women can find the more spiritual side of running. They understand the concepts of courage, companionship, and cooperation.

In addition to all the mental benefits, running boosts health in women as they age. Regular runners retain greater range of motion as they get older. Weight bearing activity actually improves bone strength and bone health in female runners is superior to sedentary women.

Running was once a sport where female runners were the exception. But today, millions of women have redefined the sport and it has changed them as well. These women enjoy the benefits that go so far beyond burning calories.

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