How to Run Faster

There is only one way to become a faster runner. Run at a faster pace. If you have been running consistently for a while and want to improve your pace, then maybe it's time to incorporate some speedwork into the routine.

Here are some different ways to do just that:

-Speed Intervals: An interval workout usually consists of fast repeats separated by jogging or walking. Try starting with a quarter mile. Do four intervals with a jog recovery in between. As this becomes easier, you can increase the distance and the number of intervals.

-Tempo Runs: This is a continuous run with the speed building toward the middle of the run. Go by time, not distance. Start with 30 minutes. Do a 10 minute warm-up of easy running, build the pace for 10 to 15 minutes in the middle, and 5 to 10 minutes of easy running at the end to cool down. Hold the fastest pace only for a minute or two, about two-thirds into the workout. Increase the length of the workout when you feel you're ready.

-Fartleks: This is a Swedish term that means "Speed Play". It is a less structured type of interval training that lets you decide how far and how fast you want to pick it up. For example, when I'm getting a little bored during a run, I'll pick out a sign or a tree down the road and pick up the pace until I reach it. It is a fun way to improve endurance, strength, and speed.

Don't try to do these runs everyday. Throw them in at least once or twice a week and be sure to stretch well after the workout.

Written by Genie Bianchi

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