Running in the Pool

Last week, I did something to my hip and running has been making it incredibly worse. It figures I would be injured only two weeks into my marathon training! So over the weekend I decided to head over to a friend's pool to try doing my long run in the water. I have never really done it before, so for the first half hour or so, I felt I was just tweaking my form. I jumped in the deep end with a flotation device around my waist and started running. I tried to keep my back straight and run how I normally would on land. It was so boring!!! I had planned to do two hours and if my friend hadn't sat on the side of the pool and talked to me, I don't think I would have lasted that long. That being said, if you can mix up the workout (add speed intervals, etc), have some music, or a friend with you, I really recommend pool running. It's a great way to keep your fitness level while injured. It can also be a great form of cross-training along with your regular running program, as well as a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

-Use a flotation belt. This will allow you to concentrate on your form rather than keeping your head above the water.

-Run in the deep end with the same form as you normally run on land. Keep a quick turnover with your feet and keep the elbows at the sides in a 90 degree angle. Your stride will be more up and down (like a cyclist) and that's normal.

-Include fartleks into your workout.

-Bring a friend with you!

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