Cross Country Mom

My daughter is in 5th grade and just had her first day of cross country club at her school. I was so excited when she came home & told me she signed up. She said she had fun and I was happy to hear the kids warmed up, stretched, ran for awhile, and even did some strength work in the form of planks, push-ups, etc. I believe running can do so much for kids...not only for their physical health, but in the way of boosting their confidence, teaching dedication, commitment, and the fact that hard work pays off. She may love the running, but she might not enjoy me too much this season. I can see I'm going to be one of those crazy, embarassing moms that is the loudest one at the meet. This morning I told her I was going to make a sign to hold at the meets that reads,"Run like snot". She wasn't having any of I am officially banned from making any signs. :(

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