Is It Really That Hard To Wave?

This past week we had beautiful weather, so naturally there were many more runners out than usual. My pet peeve is when a runner passing by doesn't wave! I can't stand it! Maybe I'm just a geek who likes to wave to everyone, but I feel that if you are out running and you see another runner, it's rude if you don't wave. I don't know what's wrong with the people who live around me, but more often than not, they don't wave. Not only do they not wave, but they don't even acknowledge that I'm running on the same road.

 Is anyone else bothered by this?  I guess I think of the wave as a little acknowledgment, like, "Hey, you're a runner...I'm a runner too. Have a good run."  Okay, I sound a little crazy, I guess. It's just a wave.  What do all you other runners think? Do you wave at other runners on the road?  Maybe you're the type of runner I'm complaining about?

Here's last week's training log:
 I slowly eased back into my workout schedule and I'm feeling much better after that nasty sinus infection.
Mon -5 mile easy run outdoors in am, 5min butt workout (yes, it was five minutes, but intense!), 20min walk
Tues - 20min elliptical, Walk 1 mile on treadmill, 30min weights-upper body
Wed -5 mile hard run outdoors
Thurs -3 mile interval run on treadmill. Half mile speed intervals.
Fri - 30 min weights -upper body, 10 min core strength
Sat -Easy 60 min run outside.
Sun -Rest

I ordered a pair of compression socks last week. I can't wait to try them out. I've used compression sleeves in the past, but never the full sock. I'll report back on how I like them.

~Coach Genie

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  1. I am pretty anti-social. I don't think I'd wave at other runners, but if one waved at me I'd wave back. Maybe they are just "in the zone". :)

    1. Haha, yea I didn't think of "the zone". Good point! Maybe I need to try to be "in the zone" more often.

  2. I cannot stand when people don't nod or wave when I run by. I with you, I think it's totally rude. :)

  3. Hi Genie it's Cassandra!! I hate that too maybe because we're from the West, you New Mexico and me Texas. We wave to strangers all the time! You don't have to have a whole conversation or big smile just a's actually spiritually motivating to keep going! People do take themselves kind of serious when they work out or train. Oh well!

    Love your blog, go Genie go!!

    1. Hi Cassandra!! So good to hear from you! I agree, we are just used to different type of people. I hope your family is doing well, hope to see you soon!