Taking It Easy

"In my dreams I am a Kenyan"
It's been quite awhile since my last post. I have been sick over the past two weeks. I had a sinus infection, got antibiotics, felt better & all the while, pushed through with the workouts. I should have been resting because about 1 week later, I was running a 102 fever. As I was lying in bed, shivering with the fever, I said to myself, "That's it! You need to start listening to your body!" So, now I'm on antibiotics again and feeling better.

 I really have been trying to be a little less harsh on myself. I couldn't run last week and instead of feeling guilty or upset about it, I actually enjoyed the variety of some different workouts. My week looked like this:

Mon - 30min walk, 30min strength -legs
Tues - 30min strength-upper body, playing w/my kids outdoors (yea, I count that too!)
Wed - 30min elliptical, strength -core, house cleaning (It all counts!)
Thurs -30min walk/run (outside of Walmart, while waiting for my script to be filled :)
Fri -    40min strength-upper body
Sat -   5 mile run with a friend
Sun -  Rest

This morning I had a great 5 mile run before the sun came up. It's finally warming up enough that I don't freeze to death. I love Spring! This week, I'll try to run again Wed., Thurs., and Sat. I'm also going to try a "Brazilian Butt" workout from Fitness Magazine later today. I'll let you know how it goes. (The last time I did a leg workout, I couldn't sit down for a week!)

Have a fit week!



  1. Aw! Sorry to hear you've been sick; I've had something similar and have NOT been running :( I finally bought new shoes though & ran today. Glad you are feeling better!!

    1. Glad to hear you finally got shoes!! Now, we should get together for a run sometime soon.

  2. Can't believe you were so sick! So glad you are feeling better. I love that you fit in a run while waiting for your prescription! LOL. Good luck with the Brazilian Butts workout! I need a Brazilian Post-Baby workout ;-)

    1. Well, Walmart said it was going to be 30 minutes, so I had to find something to do...lol. Yea the butt workout was five minutes, but intense. Next time I'll do 2-3 sets of it. You can come up with a workout...put Claire in her car seat & use her as a weight..lol.