You Might Be a Runner If:

The other day, my toenail on my big toe completely came off ( I know, really gross).The one on the other foot is soon to follow. But, they had been completely black since the Marine Corps Marathon back in October and I knew it was coming. Why am I telling you all this gross stuff about my feet? Because it got me thinking about other things that runners accept as completely normal. Losing toenails is one of them. What else? Oh, things like using the bathroom in the woods, throwing up after a great race, being able to eat while running, feeling naked without a sports watch...the list can go on and on. Check out the site below for a list of more, #'s 4 and 8 are definitely me!

You Might Be A Runner If..

Please comment! You might be a runner if...

That's not my toe! I have no nail! You didn't think I'd take a pic of my own ugly toe, did you?
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  1. you know what is crazy, i have never in 10+ years lost a toenail!

    you might be a runner if you have dry fit clothing hanging all over the house after doing laundry

    1. Haha...You might be a runner if most of your wardrobe is dry fit clothing!! Be thankful you haven't lost one, I'm afraid it's going to grow in all weird and never look the same again!